Team Israel!

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6:31pm Channel 2: Earlier this evening, a Hamas Fajr long range rocket launched towards Central Israel from a playground outside Shifa hospital in Gaza, failed to launch correctly and exploded, causing wounded and fatalities…including children. There are 100 kilograms of explosives in a Fajr warhead.


The Muqata

I really wish Palestine and Israel could get along better. After all, we all believe in the God of Abraham and we are all God's children. I believe in nonviolence, that no one should ever harm any of God's creations, which include our brothers and sisters and siblings in the middle east. I get that Israel is defending themself and that Palestine is hiding their weapons among civilians, but I still wish that, we could all just love eachother you know? :)

Maybe there will be a time where Israel and her enemies can live in peace. 

i feel like a lot of these "activists" advocating against "genocide" are just a bunch of opportunists looking for the next big thing to get behind so they can be on the "right side of history". They come in with their half baked opinions about war and human rights and international law to give themselves a selfish sense of being a "do-gooder" and they just manage to embarrass themselves, come off as complete hypocrites, give sane people a headache and hurt the war effort.

My face after reading this.

Us Jews have been through a lot. We will get through this Gaza bull shit soon enough. Israel for ever! ✌️

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BTW. I'm from Texas and me as well as my family and church of over 10k stand by Israel.

That’s amazing. :D

I hate seeing all the hate you and the people in Israel get. I support you guys and will continue to do so!

Yay! Thank you.

I simply LOVE how the media jumps on the Israel/ Palestine debate in such a twisted way. Not only do they seem to support Palestine, but they put up such headlines as "Israel Attacks Hamas" rather than "Israel Defends Itself." The American news team's view on the matter is very anti-Israel. If Palestine didn't elect a bunch of monkeys to run the system, they would be more advanced. Then they cry because their missiles [luckily] hit unpopulated areas. Every miss from Hamas makes Israel look bad.

Pretty much. 

who started this war, like who fired first? hamas or israel??

Hamas. It wasn’t even this year that they suddenly hated Israel, it’s been since their establishment. They’ve been firing at Israel for years now, and it wasn’t until this year that Israel finally did something about it.

how come Israel keeps breaking the laws of Moshe? it is quite explicitly stated in the Holy Torah in Shemot (Yitro) that לֹ֥֖א תִּֿרְצָֽ֖ח׃ ס (thou shalt not murder), and in Devarim (Vaethanan) that לֹ֥֖א תִּֿרְצָֽח׃ ס (thou shalt not kill). it does not get more explicit than that. do not kill. do not murder. what is so difficult about these commandments?

There are exceptions. [x, x]. 

I will think you would like to know both Palestine and Israel that said they would cease fire. But Israel ,being completely pathetic ,decided to go against their word and carry on killing innocent children and babies.

If you’re going to talk to me about this situation, please don’t generalize by saying “Palestinian.” Say Hamas, because they are the ones specifically causing trouble. I think it’s pretty clear that the opposite happened. There’s a lot of proof for that. 

Some facts on the Middle East conflict


So, I’ve been seeing a lot of screwed up posts on what’s really a complex conflict to begin with. It seems that a lot of people on here are spreading misinformation, whether intentionally or not. So here are some facts:

1. Hamas is a fundamentalist religious organization. What that means is Hamas…