Sigh. Everyone on Jumblr is talking about how they want the US to make a law that makes being a Nazi illegal, and I'm all "No, that will just put their activity underground. I'm glad pieces of shit in this country are allowed to advertise how they're a piece of shit so they can exposed and I can know to avoid them" but sometimes I feel like i'm talking to wall.


I don’t think any worldview should be illegal, only that certain actions should be illegal.

If someone wants to be a nazi, then let them. and as you rightly pointed out, it’s not like we can forcibly make them feel or think differently.

but if someone wants to promote violence, that’s another matter.

Hey, Jumblr, how about y’all reconsider your stance on thought police. How would you feel if ppl decided (as many do believe) that judaism is racist and that therefore being religious should be illegal? I imagine you’d be pretty pissed about it.

So let’s get with the 21st century and with american values: as long as no-one’s stepping on your balls, just let them be.