Team Israel forever. Love you and your blog; thanks for being so open about israel activism in such a violent world. You're the best.

You just made my day!! Thank you ❤️🔯 Am Yisrael Chai.



has palestinian society ever contributed anything positive to the world or

It helped spread photos of the monstrosities in Syria and Iran!

I mean, it said they were from Gaza, but that’s irrelevant.

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what is going on in is awful and sad, but i think what people need to understand is that if hamas stop bombing israel, israel will stop bombing gaza... hamas were the ones who fired at israel AFTER israel said they'd stop the fighting and call a ceasefire...

I am proud to be jewish however, I'm beginning to wonder how open I should be about it. Anti semitism is on the rise in Europe and unfortunately you don't hear much about it unless your jewish. Is it the same where you are?

How open you want to be with it is your choice - I can’t dictate that. When I meet new people, I’m not like “Hey, I’m Jewish,” but when I do tell them about it I’m fairly open. Other than that, I’m generally outspoken on the internet or if I see complete BS in public. My connection to Judaism isn’t the only thing I want people to see in me, y’know? You do you, though. Yeah, that’s typically true. Thankfully, I don’t live in an antis emetic area at the moment. 

Hi! I was sort of wondering if you could help me... I know that the anti-semitic situation in Europe is pretty bad, and I've heard from friends of people being attacked on the way out of the synagogue. I'm a jewish girl, and I'll be moving to England (alone) in a few months. Do you have any safety tips? I refuse to quit going to the synagogue because I'm afraid, but I'd also love to not be murdered or something.

I’m sorry to hear about your friends!! Happy to know that just because things are going crazy, that you won’t give up on your Judaism. I would definitely take self-defense classes; I’m actually planning on doing that this year. Maybe purchase some mace or a pocket knife. I’m sorry I can’t help more :/ 

Hopefully these sites can help more:

You must be paid by Israel to spread more of their bullshit and lies

Ha, you’re funny.


Hell yeah!